apse [aps] A projecting part of a building that is usually semicircular and vaulted mainly in a bascilica.

architrave See entablature.

balk or baulk The vertical face of the wall of soil left around a trench or square - additionally the 3-foot wide walkway left around the sides of a square.

basilica [ba SIL i ka] An oblong building ending in a semicircular apse used in ancient Rome especially as a court of justice and a place of public assembly.

capital[CAP i tal] Topmost member of a column or other vertical support.

cardo[CAR doe] Main street running north-south on a city grid.

cuirass [kwi RAS] Defensive armour for the torso comprising a breastplate and backplate. They were originally made of leather.

entablature [en TAB la chur] The entire construction of a classical building between the columns and the eaves, commonly consisting of:

architrave The lowest division of an entablature resting in classical architecture immediately on the capital of a column; Horizontal beam which rests on columns or piers and which spans the space between them.
frieze [] (a) Member of the entablature between the architrave and the cornice; (b) any horizontal band enriched with relief or sculpture.
cornice [] Top projecting member of an entabulature.

Herod Antipas[HAIR od AN ti pass] Son of Herod the Great who became tetrarch of Galilee when his father died in 4 BCE. He was removed by the emperor Caligula in 39CE.

oecus [E cus] In an ancient Roman house, a room, especially a dining room, decorated with columns. The principle living room of a house.

square A 25-foot square excavation plot.

stratum or strata A layer of soil containing artifacts and debris representing a particular time and culture at a site.

stylobate [STI le bate] Course of masonry or pavement, common raised above ground level, on which a row of architectural columns is supported a footing for a colonnade,

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